Michel Denis da Silva

Hello! I am Brazilian, living one hour away from São Paulo, and I have been working with animation for several studios with so many amazing projects.

I have been working as an animator since December/2014. In my portfolio there are some TV shows screened on Disney jr. and Nickelodeon, but I have also worked to some feature films, as Paw Patrol and others.

The most known project I worked was "Tainá and the Amazon's Guardians", a Nickelodeon TV show, and I worked as animation supervisor on it, being responsible to assist around 50 animators Worldwide.

My main goal as animator is related to cartoon animation, but I have already worked with game and VFX, since animating cameras and mocap.


During my learning period, I was mentored by Marlon Nowe (Disney animator) at Animsquad, where I concluded the Expert Animation workshop, and by Michael Makarewicz (Pixar animator) at The Animation Collaborative, where I studied Advanced Acting for animators.

I also like to record myself to study better the acting choices I have in the shots, check it out in the video below ;)

My work desk and workstation setup

Personal Projects